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Interview with Elizabeth Taylor, a student who completed the course in 2011 with a Distinction

Q: What did you do before you became a picture researcher?

A: Before taking the PR course I worked on the Picture Desk at an on-line stock image library. Picture research was part of my job description but I knew there was much more to find out about it. The Distance Learning course was ideal as I could study the course as well as working. The flexibility of the course was invaluable in fitting studying around work commitments.

Q: What was the course like?

A: Right from the start of the course there is a mixture of theory and practical assignments. The course is easy to follow and comprehensively arranged. The information is in "bite sized" sections which means you are not swamped with too much information at once. The practical assignments at the end of each section of theory helps to consolidate what has just been learned.

All the industry jargon is explained and help is at hand if needed. The tutor responded quickly to any enquiries and was very helpful.

The course is challenging and I felt a sense of achievement in completing it which gave me the confidence to progress my career. I would certainly recommend it to anyone wanting to gain a deeper insight into the Picture Research industry.

Q: Have you found it easy getting started as a freelance and breaking into the publishing world?

A: At the moment I am working in the Heritage Sector which is what I aimed to do. [Note Ms Taylor obtained a post at The National Portrait Gallery] I would advise anyone trying to break into a certain area to be selective about the positions which they apply for, and be open minded about applying for temporary positions like Holiday or Maternity cover in order to build your C.V.

What tips could you give to someone just starting the Picture Research by Distance Learning course?

A:I would recommend anyone just starting the course to be as well organised as possible about their method of study. Try to pace yourself and spread the work evenly. To get the most out of it, don't leave everything to the last minute. Some sections of the course are quite intensive and you need to take your time in order to do it justice.

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