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Photography Organisations:

Stock Index Online
Portal to a large number of specialist photolibraries with expert staff and massive collections

The UK trade organisation for photolibraries, with a wealth of expertise and contacts

The US trade association for photolibraries which is influential in many areas of the business

ASPP stands for Association of Picture Professionals and is the organisation for Photobuyers in the USA

This is the trade association for European picture lbraries (including the UK) and has a significant geographic reach


Just a few of the many exceptional photolibraries I have had the privilege of working with over the years.

Robert Harding World Imagery
One of the best travel libraries, recently expanded into the environment and video

An outstanding historical collection, with many quirky pictures

Frank Lane Picture Agency
Specialises in nature, wildlife and natural history

Science Photo Library
Probably the world's foremost science photo agency, also has a fine collection of video material.

Mary Evans
Another brilliant historical collection, with access to all sorts of unusual and striking images

Werner Forman Archive
This collection of art, antiquities and ancient architecture is simply stunning

This is a group of libraries, which includes collections of celebrities, portraiture, travel and natural history, among its diverse holdings

A gallery, photolibrary and training provider, generally featuring socially conscious and educational material


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