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Digitisation for Picture Researchers

1 day course for Picture Researchers and Editors/Photobuyers/Designers/Picture Agency Staff

Solve your problems with digital images. Picture Researchers and Editors like the instant accessibility of them, but dislike grappling with the myriad difficulties. This course, led by an expert in the field, will help you understand all the aspects of digital imaging that directly impact on your job, from resolution, through file management, analysing flawed images, to metadata. The murk of baffling techno-jargon will be minimised in this hands-on, researcher-friendly course.

Who will benefit from this course: picture researchers and editors who deal with digital images, of all experience levels. This will be very much a practical course, with exercises on computer.

Course outline


Basics, including: what is a pixel? File Size? Image Resolution? Screen resolution, cropping, colour depth (numbers of colours).

Image file formats. Low-res and high res. Compression issues – lossy and lossless.

Advanced file formats such as RAW and DNG.

The Picture Researcher and the Digital Workflow

Calibrating monitors and scanners: ICC profiles. Calibration equipment.

File info and metadata

Image editing software: Comparison between Photoshop and low-cost alternatives.

Image quality control: how to look at histograms to check and manage image quality.

Enlarging or reducing file sizes. The difficulties encountered. Using next generation scaling technology such as pxlSmart and Genuine Fractals.

File management: image management systems overview.

Damaged or poor quality digital files – how to spot what’s wrong.


Making CD-roms including caption/file header info and lightboxes. Other methods of image storage and transfer, including USB drives and burning to DVD.

Print publishing packages and the picture researcher. Repurposing files for web and ebook use.

Q & A


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