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About Julian Jackson, Course Author and Tutor

30 years of media expertise


Julian Jackson is a writer, photographer, and expert picture researcher. During his career of more than three decades in the media, he has followed the transition from analogue to digital imaging, from videotape to hard drives, and motorbike courier delivery to email.

After being a picture researcher in almost every area of the media, and working for the BBC, Financial Times, Channel 4, part-work companies, numerous small publishers, Reader's Digest, NBC and Der Spiegel, he discovered that his services were in demand for consulting about digital imaging and subsequently writing about it, so he gradually moved over to full-time writing and leading seminars and workshops. Currently he is pioneering a series of webinars which will enable Picture Researchers, art buyers and directors and editors to bring higher levels of skill to their analysis of the technical qualities of images. Click here for more information.

Julian is the course author and tutor on Picture Research by Distance Learning. He says, "I am very proud of this course. It encapsulates all I have learnt over the past 30 years in the industry and also has had top quality input from other experts in various fields of picture research. The five assignments are based on real-life projects and so are as near as possible actual assignments for the students to learn from."

The course is frequently revised to ensure that it is not outdated by changes in the fast-moving industry.

Besides writing about picture research, photography, film and technology, Julian also covers the environment, and as the founder member of a group concerned with creating urban gardens he tries to have a low-carbon footprint. Given his penchant for travelling, this can be a difficult compromise sometimes.

His photography has been shown in various exhibitions.

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