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What's Wrong with this Image?

Online Webinar for Picture Researchers/Photobuyers, Designers, Art Directors, Photolibrary staff and other image professionals

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Solve your problems with digital images. Picture Researchers and Editors like the instant accessibility of them, but dislike grappling with the myriad difficulties. This online course, led by an expert in the field, is an expert masterclass examining bad or damaged images which will equip you to assess inferior quality digital images and to know which ones can be salvaged, and which ones rejected.

Who will benefit from this exclusive webinar: picture researchers, art buyers, photobuyers, designers and picture editors who deal with digital images, of all experience levels.

Course Objectives - what skills will you gain:

  • Accurate knowledge of whether an image is technically acceptable or not

  • Ability to check high-res images before they go to the designer

  • Knowledge to solve problems before they become mission-critical

  • Add value to your career by having skills most image researchers do not

  • Greater confidence in talking to photo libraries and photographers because you can define precisely the problems with the image.

There is no comparable course anywhere addressing these particular problems that picture researchers, designers, art directors and photobuyers face.

The course costs £45.00. To find out when the next webinar is scheduled email


How it works:

The format is an online seminar: Julian will be sharing his screen with you. Your computer will need to have a microphone and speakers, or a headset. You will then be able to hear Julian, ask questions, and see his screen on your computer as he uses his PC, in real time. The webinar will last 60 mins followed by a Q & A session. It is best to be running minimal applications on your computer for optimum delivery.

You will receive the course notes by email before the webinar begins and also have access to a downloadable file which contains the some of the images to work on. It is best if you have Photoshop or Photoshop Elements (or other similar graphics package) installed on your computer but not absolutely necessary. The central facet of the course is the use of the histogram to analyse images. Some free graphics applications, like Picasa, also have the histogram dialogue box so researchers can use these instead of Photoshop. Click here to see wikipedia's comparison of graphics applications.

The course costs £45.00

To find out when the next webinar is scheduled

Course outline: What's Wrong with this Image?


High and low resolution, photographic f-stops, image dynamic range.

Image quality control: how to look at histograms to check and manage image quality.

Damaged or poor-quality digital files – how to spot what’s wrong. A hands-on demonstration of how to look at low quality files - what can be saved and what is unusable.

Including: under- and over-exposure, good and bad scans, dirt and hairs, colour casts, mismatched ICC profiles, aged transparencies, moiré, jpeg "jaggies", oversharpening and how to spot camera noise or extraneous photoshop layers.

The format allows for students to ask or type in questions during the webinar; if there are any remaining questions they will be answered at the end.


The individual webinar costs £45, payable in advance via Paypal, cheque, or bank transfer.
Discounts are available for multiple bookings from the same company.

To find out when the next webinar is scheduled

Some sample images from the webinar

An image and its corresponding histogram. The webinar will tell you how to read this histogram and discern much more about images using this important tool.

Another image and its histogram: What is wrong? is it under or over exposed?

Can it be fixed? You will learn all about this on the webinar.

A series of images showing the progressive effects of JPEG compression.

You will be able to download these images to see the degradation for yourself.


The individual webinar costs £45, payable in advance via Paypal, cheque, or bank transfer.
Discounts are available for multiple bookings from the same company.

100% Guarantee:

If you are not satisfied with the quality of information given during this webinar we will refund your money with no questions asked.


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"What's Wrong with this Image? Is an excellent webinar which will improve the skills of picture researchers" Pupak Navabpour, Photographer and Picture Researcher,

"Many thanks for a most valuable and useful webinar.  I appreciated you calling in advance to make sure all the equipment worked.  The session was well organised and presented and the content useful and relevant.  The questions raised were answered clearly and fully.  It was also good to share this with other participants."

Ian Hirst, Graphic Designer Leeds Teaching Hospitals NHS Trust


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